The Barn is located at 192  Route Principale Est, Sainte-Cécile-de-Masham,  La Peche, Quebec,  about 30 minutes north of Ottawa and 7 minutes from the village of Wakefield.

Detailed driving instructions:

  • From Ottawa, take Quebec Highway #5 North.
  • Take Exit 28 off Autoroute 5. The Exit is signed Chemin Ste-Cecile de Masham and chemin Vallee de Wakefield,  Route 366 Ouest.
  • There are also signs indicating Gatineau Park access to the ‘Secteurs Lac Philippe and Lac La Peche’.
  • At the end of the exit ramp is a traffic circle.  Proceed into the circle, taking the 4th exit signed 366 Ouest / Ste-Cecile de Masham.
  • Continue through the highway underpass to the second traffic circle, taking the first right onto 366 Ouest (chemin Ste-Cecile de Masham).
  • Proceed about 4.5 km on 366 Ouest, past the Alimentation Pilon, Marche Richelieu store (right side of highway on a curve).
  • Once you have passed “Alimentation Pilon” there is a  long straight stretch followed by a long downhill.  Just before the downhill section,  slow down and immediately put on your left signal and turn into the first driveway on the left. There is a green municipal marker numbered 192 and a green mailbox numbered 186 next to it.
  • When guests are expected, there is a sign at the highway entrance indicating “THE BARN”. (If you go around a bend to the left at the bottom of the hill, you have gone too far).
  • When entering the driveway, go past the small white house on the right. Continue up the driveway and you will come up to The Barn and a parking area.


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